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Description: The project consists of visual design of the audio visual shows, artwork for the record sleeve of the 2562 album The New Today and live visual performances. 

Materials: Film, natural textures, glas, insects, mud, water, light, metals, gold, gemstones

Concept: The New Today audiovisual show tells the story of an expedition, a journey into the unknown universe, exploring new worlds. With an alchemistic approach, using gold, gemstones, minerals and mud, a comprehensive natural search for resources and liveable exoplanets was created. The work is about finding organic beauty in the abstraction of natural forms.

The footage is made using microscopic and macro camera’s filming miniature sets depicting other worlds in a studio setup.
The sleeve for the album image is taken from microscopic camera footage used for the live act.


Music: 2562 (Dave Huijsmans), tracks: Arrival, Terraforming, Cosmic Bounce, Vibedoctor, Utopia, Drumroll, Cauldron, New Life

Showcased at: STRP Festival, Mapping Festival, Pitch

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