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Description: Modular, 6m x 4m x 4.5 (variable), partially rotating.

Materials: Copper, stone, messing, fog, light,


Concept: The installation is a construction depicting the myriad interactions between geological structures and the earth’s atmosphere. In a subtle way, the work re-imagines the friction felt by the changing perception of what we find natural or artificial in our world. Terrene contains different layers of na-tural phenomena that play with this friction. The work can be experienced from different angles. By doing so, it constantly shifts the viewer's perspective on the ambiguous nature of the elements represented in this constellation.

Terrene was presented in October 2016 as the centerpiece of the 17th-century courtyard of the Rembrandthuis Museum, Rembrandt's former home in Amsterdam. The work is inspired by Hercules Segers, whose fantasy landscaping had a great influence on Rembrandt himself.


Music: Peter Van Hoesen composed an arresting music score for ’Terrene,' adding a layer that provides a textural and audible expression to the installation. The first three pieces are linked to three different layers, whereas the fourth piece presents the fusion of all three layers into one dense, ever-evolving, con-temporary electronic composition. The four tracks are named: Lucidum, Substratum, Corium and Terrene.


Listen to the tracks here:

In collaboration with: Amsterdam Dance Event, Diego Terroba, Doorgedraaid, Erkho, Urbanears.

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