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Description: The project consists of two films named Space Time Continuum and The Alignment and a visual set for the live shows.

Materials: Waterbassin, oils and many kinds of different substances.


Concept: Alpha Centauri is a multi piece project in synchronicity of the music of Jeff Mills. The work consists of two conceptual films exploring both the boundaries between analogue and digital and between the physical and the unexplored universe. The works derived from the two creators fascination for the enigmatical Universe.  

The project scratches the surface of the multidimensionality of space, arisen while dialoguing black holes, the effect of the pull of gravity (or the absence of it) on signals and matter, making the unseen seen, the invisible visible.  



Music: Composed by Jeff Mills. The music embodies the future, while both respecting the past and remaining well into the present. For Time Space Continuum the film was created inspired by the score, while for The Alignment it was vice versa and the film served as inspiration for the soundtrack.


In collaboration with: Axis Records

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