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Description:  A room filled with water, projection is directed on the wall through the water. Variable. At Art Deli 6m x 3.m x 2m

Materials: waterbassin, projection, wood

Concept: The work is in search of the moment when things are about to shift. The moment just before the rising moon becomes visible above the horizon. The moment just before sunrise in the twilight zone of dawn. That moment when it feels time is not present and the world holds its breath for something that might happen. That ominous moment when everything can turn out in unpredictable ways.  The work secondly plays with the notion of ‘feeling frail’ in the over-whelming grandness of nature that is beyond our control. The spectator may try to manipulate, disrupt or just experience the installation. And thus influence the impression and feelings it may evoke.

Music: Soundscape of overlapping natural sounds creating a disturbing sense of an approaching force.

In collaboration with: Art Deli

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