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27 x 27 meters


Abiosis means ‘the absence of life’. This work is based on the primordial soup theory; the idea that inanimate materials can give rise to life under unique conditions. 
This work translates the primordial soup theory by means of a mist installation, a field of bubbles in the water, and a mechanical creature that represents the origins of life.  What is our place in the universe? Will future technologies be able to generate new life, and is technology part of nature in the end? 

Commissioned by Museum M for Art Pavillion Floriade World Expo 2022. Exhibition NATURALLY: WILD FUTURES

Curated by Ward Janssen

Technical Production: Ian Considine

Engineering: Daniel de Bruin

Software: Nap Labs

Thanks to: Sander van Gelswijck, Studio Thus That,

The work is kindly supported by Creative Industries Fund NL

Video by Dammes Kieft


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